The Most Attractive Personality Traits to Have

There are many different qualities that we possess as human beings. Each one of us have a different set of qualities and that is what sets us apart from each other. Although we will possess similar qualities to that of other people, they will be on different levels.

Historically there are some personality traits which are valued more than others. What we find most attractive in another is dependant on ours, no two people hold the exact same opinions and that is what makes us unique. There are certain traits which are thought to be more valuable to most of us. Some of these include:


Trustworthiness is known as the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful. If you are dishonest with a friend or colleague it can tarnish the relationship for a long time, if not forever. Being honest isn’t always necessarily easy, sometimes telling the truth can be a scary thought, not knowing the outcome but in being trustworthy you have a personality trait that others will be drawn to.


Being loyal is the key to succeeding in a lot of relationships. Those who are loyal to their spouses are likely to stay together and those loyal in friendships can often have friendships for life. It is thought that being loyal is important to success in your career also. This is simply because you fulfil your obligations or promises, which will lead to stronger relationships and a foundation of trust.


The old saying ‘all you need is love’ is one that has rung true for many years. This fact has now been proven thanks to a 75 year study carried out by Harvard researchers. They discovered that love was the key to a happy and fulfilled life. If you are a loving person to are likely to attract love and receive it yourself.


Having goals and morality are one of the most important things that we can possess. Having the right set of morals undoubtedly makes you a more attractive person. Morals and values help to guide you through life and affect how you handle every situation you encounter.


Being funny or humorous has long been one of the most attractive qualities a person can possess. If you can make people laugh they are likely to find your personality addictive and cling on to each word. Many people look for humour as a key quality in a partner for life. Having a good sense of humour can not only make you more attractive, it can also allow you to see the optimism in the most difficult situations.


Intelligence is something every human possesses to an extent, it is made up of cognition, motivation and self-awareness. This means that through intelligence, a human will have the ability to learn, understand and apply logic  to situations and recognise patterns. Intelligence is what sets us apart from animals and has made us the more dominant species. As a personality trait, intelligence can be highly important to some people if they are to have a lasting relationship.