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Teeth Whitening Manchester | Facts About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. Here are some facts that you may not know about teeth whitening in Manchester.


Teeth Are Like Sponges

We all know that teeth are not soft and spongy but they are extremely pores. It’s not just the actual surface of our teeth that gets stained, your teeth absorb parts of everything that go into your mouth. Wine, coffee and smoking are all common things that can cause your teeth to stain. As time goes on, these stains go deeper and deeper into the teeth, making it harder to remove them.

Proper tooth whitening gel works by absorbing into your teeth and pushing out the stains from within the pores.

Teeth Whitening in Manchester Does Not Damage Your Teeth

Many people think that teeth whitening in Manchester can damage your teeth, this can be true if you turn to over the counter teeth whitening solutions, rather than speaking to and getting a recommendation from a dentist.


The Type of Treatment Matters

There are many methods of teeth whitening, from whitening strips to UV lights to boil and bit trays. The best method to whiten teeth is to get a custom fitted whitening tray at your dentist’s office. A custom fitted tray helps ensure that the whitening over all areas of your teeth are consistent. Other methods can sometimes leave streaks or other marks on your teeth. The best way to get teeth whitening in Manchester is by a professional.

Sensitivity is Normal After Teeth Whitening

Tooth sensitivity commonly happens after people have undergone teeth whitening in Manchester. Most people have naturally sensitive teeth, whether this be due to genetics, lack of enamel or a chipped/damaged tooth. After the whitening process, teeth will become dehydrated for a short time, causing increased sensitivity but don’t worry, your teeth will replenish themselves naturally within 12-36 hours of whitening.


Laser and UV Teeth Whitening is Temporary

Laser teeth whitening has been on the rise in recent years and whilst they quite a big difference, it is for a short period of time and is not a permanent solution. It’s also not a good option if you have tooth sensitivity.

Stains Cannot Be Removed Overnight

There is no product on the market just now that can safely remove stains from your teeth overnight or in a matter of hours. It is impossible for any teeth whitening products to safely penetrate that deeply into the teeth that quickly in order to efficiently remove stains. The teeth whitening process can take anywhere from 4 days to several months, depending on the severity of the staining. You’ll be happy to know that once the stains have been removed, it is incredibly easy to maintain the results.


Caps and Veneers Cannot Be Whitened

Caps and veneers although they look like they are natural teeth, they do not function in the same way that natural teeth do. The material that they are made from can be made to look like your natural teeth, but they cannot be stained or whitened. So if you are going to get a veneer fitted, then it may be an idea to get your teeth whitened before rather than after if you are wanting it done.