2017 Beauty Trends

Now that we are well into 2017 that means we are also well into Summer. This means that a new set of trends are fully underway. If you were unaware there is no need to panic! Although it is difficult to keep up with the impossible standards within the beauty industry and trends change so fast it can make your head spin, it is always good to keep an eye on the latest trends. Here are some of the biggest Spring/Summer beauty trends of 2017:

80s Glam

This season the 80s beauty style has been fully apparent. Major trends including bright lips and blush have been seen on the catwalk of countless designers including Kenzo and Chanel. Where as Topshop have used side-swept curls in a nod to statement¬†80s hairstyles. It is all about bold statements when it comes to the 80s and this means colour pops and eye-catching hairdos. Crimpers anyone…¬†

Plaits Plaits Plaits

Hair plaits are one of those hairstyles that will never be unfashionable and therefore should never be underestimated! They are such a diverse hairstyle that no matter what your signature style is, you can use them! Whether you want to use skinny plaits for a hippy style or plait buns for a more tomboy look, plaits have you covered! No matter what your hair length is you can give these a go!

Kohl Eyes

Although smokey eyes made a big impact in previous years, this season it is all about smudged eyes. Get your kohl liner out and messy is mega with this trend! Seen on all the catwalks of the top designers, the morning after the night before look has been applied. The good news? You don’t need to worry about making a mess of it.

Fresh Faces

Hallelujah! All any woman wants is an excuse to leave her make up at home. Imagine the extra minutes (or hours in some cases) you could have from not doing your make up. Perhaps we can thank Kim Kardashian for this one, after all she did turn up to the Balenciaga show wearing no make up and sat in the front row. Now if only we could all just look like her…

Glitter Fiend

Glitter is coming to a festival near you this Summer… Originating on the catwalk (as all trends do) glitter is being used everywhere, from lips to hair, eyebrows to eyelashes. This is a trend you can be overly creative with and really run with it!

The Side Parting

We had the strong middle parting trend of 2016 as set out be celebrities like the Kardashian/Jenners, now we have slick side partings as the hair trend to follow. Opposed to seeking out new volume you should be smoothing down the hair towards the scalp (those with thin hair, rejoice!). Pair this side parting with poker straight hair and you are bang on trend for this season.


There you have it, the key trends for Summer 2017. Although there are many different directions you can take it will be interesting to see what sticks around for winter!