first birthday photoshoot glasgow

My First Gift: First Birthday Photo Shoot Glasgow

With newborn babies, the first year truly is a year of firsts and new experiences for all. From their first smile to their first words to their first steps. It is a continuously exciting experience and you want to try and capture all of these first moments. It can be difficult picking a gift for that special first birthday so here we have different ideas. What better way to celebrate your baby’s first year than with a first birthday photo shoot Glasgow. Here we have the best ideas to capture this special occasion.

Cakesmash Photography

The newest trend of baby photography is Cakesmash photography which has quickly become a popular choice for parents. Cakesmash photography is usually split into 3 mini photo shoots. The first allows the child to relax and gives an opportunity for some nice photos in different outfits. The second shoot is where the fun begins. Cakesmash is exactly what it sounds like, it gives the child a chance to get messy, eat cake, cover their hair, body and face in the birthday cake. It is an experience that most parents will never forget and is a lot of fun for all those involved. The final part of the photo shoot is the clean-up. It ends the photo shoot perfectly with some fun photos of your little one enjoying splashing about in tub time, capturing the fun, giggly moments.

first birthday photoshoot glasgow

Capture the Outdoors

There are plenty of locations for a first birthday photo shoot Glasgow, so why not get creative and think of a fun place for your little one’s photoshoot. A classic first birthday theme is Winnie the Pooh so why not venture outdoors to a wooded area to recreate the classic children’s story. This gives your little one a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

first birthday photoshoot glasgow

Themed Shoots

Themed photo shoots are a great way to get your kid dressed up as their favourite character and watch them spend the day as a superhero or a princess. This gives your little one a chance to get dressed up for the day and capture all the giggles and smiles as they enter their own world for the day. You can capture some great moments and guarantee a first birthday photo shoot you will never forget


First Birthday Photoshoot Glasgow

Finding the right photographer for your child’s first birthday photoshoot Glasgow can be difficult if you are not sure who to book. Always go with a professional photographer that has photos of their work on the show so you can see if that is the style of photo’s you want. C A Neil Photography is a Glasgow based photographer that covers all types of children’s photography from newborn shoots to cakesmash.