Islay Whisky

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Islay Whisky

Famously, single malt whisky is enjoyed around the world due to its great heritage and culture. However, many people don’t know that all whisky can help you with your health. From Islay whisky to Speyside, having a dram could help you with health problems. There are so many health benefits to drinking single malt whisky, so we have decided to collate some of them into a short list.

Find out now if your health can be improved by a drop of Islay whisky.

A Healthy Heart

One of the top benefits of drinking whisky (in moderation) is that is will promote heart health. Some studies even say that people who drink whisky regularly have a 50% lower chance of a stroke/heart attack. Whisky also increases the ‘good cholesterol’ in your system. This is proven to help your health immensely.

Islay Whisky

Boosted Immune System

Ever heard of a hot toddy? The combination of whisky, hot water, lemon and honey is actually incredibly good at battling colds and fighting infections. The small number of vitamins in whisky actually help to stimulate the immune system. You can even put whisky on a wound to prevent infection.

Reduced Stress

One or two drinks is absolutely known to calm you down. One drink of whisky after a long day will help to calm your mind and help you to unwind. This is great for people who struggle to ‘switch off’. Thinking about work all of the time can be bad for your mental health, so take a break.

Filled With Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that stop or prevent damage to your cells that are caused by oxidants. They remove the waste products in our cells that could do harm if left undisturbed. Whisky contains an antioxidant called ellagic acid which is also found in red wine. This is said to be very good for you in moderation and can help fight disease.

Islay Whisky

Aids Digestion

Islay whisky is great for helping with digestion. If you have had a large meal, whisky will help to settle your stomach and will stimulate digestion within your stomach and beyond. It also contains very little fat, sodium, calories or carbohydrates so if you’re looking to help your weight loss along, swap the beer for a whisky.

Can Islay whisky really do that?

There is a whole load of research you can find all over the internet that confirms the health benefits of Islay whisky. This peaty malt and all of its less peaty peers are good for you!