tissot watch repair

Tissot Watch Repairs – All You Need To Know

If you own a Tissot watch you’ll know of the devastation when it breaks. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Tissot watch repair.

About Tissot Watches

Boasting one of the broadest spectrums of watches, Tissot features many different styles of watches and is known very well for the sports style watches. Being innotative in technology and design, Tissot watches offers affordable high specification in swiss timepieces.

Tissot Watch Repairs

It is advisable to have your Tissot watch serviced every few years to keep it in prime condition. Over a long period of time you may need to consider Tissot watch repair to preserve you watches wearability. Below are the types of repairs for this brand of watch.

  • Hand replacement
  • Dial replacement
  • New glass
  • New battery
  • Watch Strap Replacement

tissot watch repair

Tissot Watch Service

A complete Tissot watch service includes carrying out a full and detailed check of the functionality of your Tissot watch. A complete service is essential if the watch hasn’t been checked for a number of years, or if it needs repairs such as the mechanism not working. It is recommended to get this service done every few years to ensure your watch stays in good working order.

A complete Tissot watch service includes;

  • Complete watch dismantling
  • Dismantling of the movement in its individual parts.
  • Cleaning, oiling, assembling, tuning of the precision and checking the functions of the movement.
  • Replacement of the hands, crown, pushers/corrector, crystal, gaskets, battery.
  • Restoration and checking of the water resistance of above mentioned parts.
  • Technical and aesthetical final check.


If there are other specific damaged parts that need to be replaced, you will not be charged or invoiced until you give authorisation to repair it.

Tissot Watch Repair

Tissot Watch Repair Cost

Here are the available prices for Tissot watch repair;

  • Mechanical – from £215
  • Quartz – from £150
  • Old Calibers and Gold watches – Subject to estimation

Prices will vary depending on where you get the repairs done.

If you are in need of Tissot watch repair prices will vary depending on the model of the watch and what repairs are needed. Problems involving the mechanism of the watch will require a servicing before any repairs will take place.


What To Do If Your Tissot Watch Needs To be Repaired

If you are in need of repair for your Tissot watch, there is no need to worry, there are plenty of watch specialists out there who are ready to repair it for you. Ensuring that the company you choose is certified and experienced in dealing with Tissot watches is essential. The price shouldn’t put you off because you definitely get what you pay for.